Loretta McNary talks The Power of Pursuing Purpose with Apostle JoAnn McCauley

Loretta McNary

The Loretta McNary Show also airs in Dallas, TX. The LM Show airs weekly locally on CW30, and Comcast 17. The Loretta McNary Show is a daytime show hosted by TV personality, radio show host (Loretta McNary Live, the Radio Show), Empowerment Speaker and award-winning author, Loretta McNary. The Loretta McNary Show debuted Dec, 2006 in Memphis, TN, ARK, MS and ALA. And begin airing in Atlanta, GA in 2011 and in on CW30 & in Nashville, TN in 2013, in addition to airing weekly on Comcast since 2011. Our goal is National Syndication in 2015.

Each week Loretta talks to celebrities, medical experts, athletes, fashionistas, best-selling authors and everyday unsung heroes: real people offering real solutions to everyday problems. She brings a blend of high energy, fun, laughter, sophistication and realness to TV talk. Drawing from her own personal life experiences, Loretta informs, educates and motivates, while covering a varied range of "hot" topics including healthy relationships, finance, fashion and beauty, sports, technology, social media trends, health and fitness plus entertainment to help inspire her audience to embrace and create positive changes in their lives.

With each show, The Loretta McNary Show intentionally and strategically shares and emphasizes for our audiences all that is purposed, positive and possible through hard work, education, faith and obedience to God. We know that the success of The Loretta McNary Show, will help make the world a greater place for family, businesses and community to live, work and play by inspiring others to live a life filled with joy, balance and purpose. Loretta’s target audience is women 25 – 54 years old. Our shows our taped live in front of a studio audience in on the Red carpet and On Location. Loretta also travels locally and nationally to record the show.


Apostle Dr. JoAnn McCauley